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Ultimate DDoS Mitigation

Get the protection you need without the null routes!

Always reliable. Always online. Are you tired with your current DDoS mitigated provider? Not being able to protect your service(s) from the dreaded layered 7, or any of the popular SYN, TCP, and ACK. Don't worry, switch over to Global Frag Networks today and you won't have that problem again! Watch it work within minutes!
What is it?

Global Frag Networks' Ultimate ARBOR DDoS Mitigation, will ultimately locate, isolate, and mitigate the DDoS attacks that prevents your online services from running. It secures all back-end network elements, and infrastructure. This service is primarily for organizations that cannot afford any downtime running their network. Have the peace of mind knowing that the server you order with Global Frag Networks will be protected 24/7/365.

Why Choose Us?

NO DDoS Protection Limitations:
The Ultimate DDoS Mitigation service avoids the hassle of picking how much protection you need whether it's 10Gbps, 20Gbps, 40Gbps, or even 80Gbps. We will ultimately give you the peace of mind and remove those limitations. Global Frag Networks Ultimate DDoS Mitigation is backed by a 4.5Tbps threshold of mitigation. We won't have an issue mitigating your incoming attacks as we highly doubt anyone can reach our capacity threshold.

Avoid those Dreaded Null Routes!:
Knowing that there will be no limitations on protection with your Bare Metal Servers. You can now avoid the nightmare whether or not your IP has been nulled due to you going over your mitigation threshold. Ordering the Ultimate ARBOR DDoS Mitigation with your bare metal server, is the obvious and ultimate choice for your protection needs!

Are You Convinced Yet?

Are you ready to sleep peacefully knowing that your network will never go down due to a DDoS attack? If so, order your Bare Metal Server and select the Ultimate DDoS Protection!

Protection Size
What Protection Size?
Backed by a 4.5Tbps Mitigation Capacity!
$500.00 / month
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